BSPlayer for Android

BSPlayer for Android is a popular video player for a smartphone . Thanks to this application you will be able to watch various movies and not install additional applications. After all, BSPlayer supports dozens of different video formats.

BSPlayer Android

Application features

This player has the following features:

  • You can choose a specific audio track from several available;
  • You can add subtitles yourself;
  • allowed to play files that have been saved on a personal computer;
  • if necessary, you can increase or decrease the picture, as well as adjust the brightness;
  • Window viewing of films in the background allows you to roll the movie into a small window and simultaneously do other things.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all apps, BSPlayer for Android has its own advantages and disadvantages. The latter are much smaller. First consider the benefits.

BS Player for Android


  • Perhaps a serious acceleration of videos in high resolution. This is due to hardware acceleration with support for quad decoding. While the battery energy is spent at a minimum.
  • The most current audio and video formats are supported. Among them are MP3, MPG, FLV and others. Developers regularly update this list.
  • You can play clips and music files from different devices through cloud storage. This feature is available via Wi-Fi.
  • Manage playlists. Thanks to this, the user will be able to export and import playlists with the previously established rules.
  • Automatic subtitle search. To use it, you need an internet connection.


Minuses insignificant:

  • In the latest updates of the program, there was a lot of advertising. The problem is solved by installing an application like AdBlock.
  • When switching from a TV channel to another, it is required to click “Return” several times if you want to return to watching other programs.
  • There is no equalizer.


If you need a good video player on your phone or tablet, which reads various formats and has a large number of possibilities for online and offline playback of media files, then BSPlayer is perfect for this.

Download the latest Russian version of BSPlayer for Android apk file for free at the link below.
If you are having difficulty playing some video formats, additional plugins for the program can help, which are also available for download below.

  • Platform: Android 4.4 and above
  • Language: En, Ru